2022 Live Show Schedule

The Book Direct Show - Live • Miami • 18-19 October 2022

Tuesday 18 October


Registration, Breakfast, Coffee & Networking


Introduction and Welcome 


Amber Hurdle will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Amber Hurdle

The #1 Game Changer for Your Direct Booking Strategy - Amber Hurdle

A direct booking strategy drives longer average stays, repeat guests, word-of-mouth referrals, ownership of the guest experience, not to mention HOW you do business. Yet, before you dive into the new tactics you’ll learn to optimize your website conversions, SEO, content strategy, social media marketing, retargeting ads, email marketing and beyond, you MUST get this ONE thing solidified to outshine the competition and OTAs alike.

If you want to build a solid foundation that all of your direct bookings efforts will rest upon, then you won’t want to miss this opening keynote. Using real industry examples, globally recognized branding expert, Amber Hurdle, will show you the fastest path to producing consistent results for your guests, your team and your bank account.


Vince Perez
Vince Perez

Loyalty and Trust: The New Currency - Vince Perez

As a host or PM it is important for the long term success of your business to create a memorable brand that inspires loyalty.  As a former hotelier,  and current vacation rental operator in a highly competitive market, our business has achieved OTA independence. The presentation will cover proven strategies on:

  • What it takes to achieve guest loyalty through brand and personal recognition.  
  • The benefits of establishing a loyal base
  • Extending your brands value beyond the initial stay


1 - The relationship between brand and loyalty
2 - “Own” your radius
3 - Technology does not replace hospitality


Jason Lugo will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Jason Lugo

From dreaming to direct - jumping on a growing booking trend - Jason Lugo

Direct bookings are now one of the top two revenue-driving channels in more than 50% of the markets SiteMinder analyzes as part of its annual industry-leading research - up from 25% of markets in 2020 and less than 10% in 2019.

In this presentation, Jason Lugo will discuss a guest's journey from dreaming of their next stay to booking directly. It will include an overview of how to drive traffic to your property's website, the psychology of guests when there, and how to increase your chances of a conversion via your website's booking engine.


Coffee Break & Networking


Evan Dolgow will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Evan Dolgow

OTAs are your employee, not your friend - Evan Dolgow

In the Wild West of vacation rentals, brand loyalty is the key to long term autonomy. This is why industry experts predict that OTAs will capture 90% of bookings by 2025. Evan will unbundle OTAs and reveal their digital strategies to expose their secret conversion methods. 

Evan will provide a detailed roadmap to transform your direct booking website into an advanced e-commerce operation to take back your direct bookings from OTAs.


1 - Create a sense of urgency to lower OTA dependency
2 - Motivate VRMs to focus on direct booking methods immediately
3 - Empower VRMs with affordable / seamless ways to level their website by treating this like ecommerce


Marcus Rader will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Marcus Räder

Tracking Business Metrics For Vacation Rental Property Managers - Marcus Rädar

The key to a successful direct booking strategy and a more profitable business is to know what KPIs need tracking. Do you know what your CBP and CAC are (cost per booking/customer acquisition cost)? What are your conversion rates? Where are your traffic and bookings coming from and how successful are your email campaigns?

This session will give a deep dive into basic business metrics that every vacation rental property manager can track, in order to make better decisions about their business and drive more direct bookings. With no additional tools and very little time spent, property managers can end up making more money while saving time, and lowering stress levels too!


Property managers will understand the following in order to implement an improved business and direct booking strategy:

1 - Which metrics really matter
2 - How to easily track them
3 - What to look for and where


Toivo Halvorsen will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Toivo Halvorsen

The Future Role of Operational Data

Toivo Halvorsen will present the various data sources that are in play in most standard Vacation Rental operations: how each of the data sources are different; how it is challenging in some cases to gain access to the data; and some ways that the industry is mitigating these challenges.

We will also discuss how combining these data sources can strengthen business insights, anticipate guest needs, and help drive more direct booking.


Lunch Break & Networking


Book Direct Show Panel

The Importance of Trust and Community in the Short-Term Rental Industry - Panel

Join Humphrey Bowles, Steve Milo and Dave Krauss in this unmissable discussion focusing on the value of trust between guests and hosts, local community standing and their influences on direct bookings.


Ryan Dame will be speaking at The Book DIrect Show
Ryan Dame

33 Locations, 3700 listings, same direct booking playbook

During this session Ryan Dame & Catrina Wakefield of Casago Vacation Rentals will share the 4 pronged approach deployed in every one of their operating partners office across across the US, Virgin Islands, and Mexico.

They will also take a volunteer from the audience to to create a quick and actionable SEO content plan that anyone can create in their local market.


Matt Landau
Matt Landau

Parlay - Matt Landau

Matt Landau and VRMB.com's Listing Site Independence framework have been helping vacation rental owners and managers build direct booking campaigns since 2016 -- but dramatic changes in the competitive landscape, he argues, have forced a complete reimagining of how small brands must think about marketing investments and ROI.

Following industry-changing hits such as Limited Edition and Hydrofoil, Landau's latest marketing concept Parlay offers a prism through which any great hospitality provider can connect more meaningfully with guests and cultivate a flywheel of direct booking momentum.


Book Direct Show Drinks Sponsors

Post-Show Drinks & Networking (Sponsored by Enso Connect)


The Destinationaire Awards

The Destinationaire Awards

Join us at the same venue for a drinks reception to be followed by the unique Destinationaire Awards ceremony. Hosted by Wil Slickers, we will recognise and award individuals in the short-term rental industry who continually deliver great service to their guests & team! Nominations here


Book Direct Show Fringe Event - TurnoverBnB Happy Hour

Happy Hour  - Sponsored by TurnoverBnB

Premium open bar and late night bites at Freehold Miami with show partners TurnoverBnB.

Wednesday 19 October


Breakfast, Coffee & Networking


It's Your Round (Roundtable Discussion)

Join our roundtable discussions where we meet other property managers/industry experts and share our obstacles and successful tips for generating more direct bookings. Tables will be hosted by our show partners and results will be collected and shared with the group after the show.


Tyann Marcink will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Tyann Marcink

Creating Anagnorisis in Your Guest Experience - Tyann Marcink

Anagnorisis is the moment of critical discovery in Greek tragedy. This workshop with Tyann Marcink will lay out exactly how you can create a guest experience that drives travelers to anagnorisis, the moment of critical discovery, to book directly and repeatedly with you.

Through real guest stories, this workshop goes beyond theory and straight to the opportunities to impact your guests beyond the transaction.


1 - How to pronounce anagnorisis
2 - Moving from transaction to experience
3 - Proactive vs reactive communications
4 - Practical steps to reinforce booking direct
5 - Efficient communications with a human touch
6 - Trust, pride, and grace


Heather Bayer
Heather Bayer
Jodi Bourne
Jodi Bourne

Creative Ways To Use Lead Magnets To Increase Bookings - Heather Bayer/Jodi Bourne

We’ve all been hooked at some time, into exchanging our email address for a piece of information we deem valuable enough.  But what happens after you do that?  Are you motivated to stay around and explore the brand that brought you the download, or do you look at it for a few seconds and unsubscribe?

In this workshop, creative digital specialist, Jodi Bourne and former property manager and content creator, Heather Bayer, take you on a journey of discovery into the underworld of the lead magnet to show how you can develop a series of digital downloads that actually work to drive traffic and build your email list.

Through a range of practical exercises and real world examples you’ll leave this workshop knowing how to create, promote and implement your ideas for successful conversions.


Participants will learn:

1 - What is a lead magnet
2 - Why is it worthwhile
3 - Examples of successful giveaways
4 - Steps to create your offer (this is the guided part of the workshop)
5 - Incorporating lead magnets into your website and marketing plan


Lunch Break & Networking


Francois Gouelo is speaking at The Book Direct Show
Francois Gouelo

Build a business for this decade. It's all about who owns the data. You do.

The irony with Airbnb shunning Google vacation rentals is that it is free for select companies to participate in; there is no advertising involved for now. OTAs don’t want guests getting into the habit of turning to Google for their travel needs.

Create a digital experience not just to save time but to build a business for this decade: own your data.

Key Takeaways

1 - Create a sales funnel that doesn’t end at “booking confirmed”
2 - Beat the market with Google
3 - Capture, Centralize, and Monetize Guest Data


Panel discussion at the Book DIrect Show

Broadening Outreach to be More Welcoming and Drive Revenue - Panel

This interactive panel masterclass will look at how we can become a more inclusive welcoming business and generate more revenue. 

Join John Stockinger, Mateo Bradford, Neely Khan, Robert Geller and Victoria O'Connell as they lead an engaging discussion on how to craft a welcoming marketing strategy to drive more direct bookings.  


Doug Kennedy will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Doug Kennedy
Cathy Cook will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Cathy Cook

How To Use A “Tech for Touch” Approach To Convert More Direct Bookings - Doug Kennedy

While the “war” for direct bookings does require “aerial strafing” (digital marketing), the most important “battles” in distribution occur through human and not digital interactions.  Whether by phone, chat, email, or a random in-person conversation with a maintenance tech, it is the people that make the difference.


1 - How to encourage website visitors to call direct.
2 - Recognize when “chat” exchanges and email inquiries present opportunities to call the guest and complete a booking.
3 - How to turn “quick questions” into booking opportunities.
4 - Textual selling techniques for use on OTA’s and emails.
5 - Using personalized video email messaging to close “high revenue” leads and to provide memory making guest experiences.

2022 Collaboration with The Destinationaire Awards

The Destinationaire Awards & Book Direct Show

This year we're delighted to announce a new and excited collaboration with The Destinationaire Awards.

The Destinationaire Awards started as a way to highlight those in the early days of the pandemic that kept pushing forward and didn't let anything stop them from delivering great service to their guests & team!

The definition of a true Destinationaire is this: "People who are wired to create remarkable experiences that are anticipated and shared.

The Destinationaire Awards are now fully under the Hospitality.FM brand, founded by Wil Slickers, host of Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast.