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Day 1 - Live
Tuesday 29th September 2020

Live stream from Barcelona, Spain.
Eight leading industry experts to present innovative direct booking strategies. Interactive polls and Q&As.

Day 2
Wednesday 30th September 2020

Over 40 webinar presentations to be delivered by some of the leading advocates of the #BookDirect movement from around the world.



Heather Bayer will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Seven Stages of the Guest Experience

Heather Bayer
Vacation Rental Formula

A powerful direct booking strategy will include a thorough knowledge of the guest journey from dream-there to been- there. You have a huge opportunity to impact guests and build loyalty at every stage of this journey. This session defines each of these stages and provides practical examples of actions you can take to cement that loyalty and create lasting relationships.

Theme: Guest Experience

Mark Simpson will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

New Tactics To Filling Your Calendar With Staycation Bookings

Mark Simpson

The new big word in the world of hospitality is "Staycation". In this talk with Mark Simpson (Boostly) he's going to share with you new tactics on how you can fill your calendar without having to rely on OTAs to do so.

Theme: The Staycation

Sebastien Grosjean will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Rich snippets and how to get star reviews on Google search pages

Sebastien Grosjean
BookingSync & Smily

Themes: Google, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sandra Roig will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

The importance of a good Google ads structure to get direct bookings

Sandra Roig
AB Apartment Barcelona

Theme: Google Ads

Richard Vaughton will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Revenue Management

Richard Vaughton
Rentivo Group

If you thought this was just about pricing, think again!

Theme: Revenue Management

Michael Friedman will be speaking at he Book Direct Show

Consumer Trust and the Guest Experience during Covid and Beyond.

Michael Friedman
SkyRun Vacation Rentals

What Property Managers need to be implementing now and in the future for more Direct bookings. How our Brand in over 30 locations and 1000 properties are building trust and actually gaining market share and Direct bookings.

Theme: Consumer Trust

Merilee Karr will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Standards and Professionalism, customer expectations in the new world

Merilee Karr

Cleanliness, health and safety, TRUST. Customers expectations and what they think about when they book accommodation is changing. Our industry is well placed to recover faster than hotels, but to lead the recovery, we need to focus on professionalism and consistently deliver to a high set of standards.

Themes: Cleaning & Hygiene, Consumer Trust, Professionalism

Dennis Klett of Lodgify will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Anatomy of the perfectly optimized vacation rental website for increasing booking conversion

Dennis Klett

We all know how important it is to have your own website to get direct bookings but how do you make sure it's fully optimized? Learn which elements you need to make sure you focus on to increase booking conversions.

Theme: Booking Conversion, Website Design

Nancy McAleer will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

David vs. Goliath - Can You Create Your Own Rental Listing Website?

Nancy McAleer
Florida Rental By Owners

Frustrated owners and property managers have all thought about it. Is now the time to toss the OTAs and go head to head against the giants by creating your own listing website? Are you in a situation where the OTAs control your destiny and want to do something about it? And is it even possible to forge a new Book Direct frontier? Nancy McAleer of Florida Rental By Owners did just that with co-founder Michele Totino and she's ready to tell you the truth. What it takes to run a successful vacation rental listing site. The hurdles, the frustration, lessons learned, and coming out a winner for the Book Direct industry.

Themes: Aggregation, Website Design

Alexis Barcelo will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Surviving the storm - preparing for recovery. How to re-adapt your distribution channel and pricing strategy to be profitable.

Alexis Barcelo, Abal Consulting

In this session, ABAL Consulting will show how times have changed. We will explain how to measure the performance Short term rental ecosystem generates by promoting and running businesses through traditional OTA's. Take a bigger slice of this lucrative pie and seize your future on your own by implementing other kind of strategies.

Themes: Distribution Channels, Profitability

Eric Bordier will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Understand how to add languages and international marketing including yield management to your direct website

Eric Bordier, VR Partnership

Even before the Coronavirus crisis, international marketing and support is an area in which big channels were crushing direct websites or shared portals. The Coronavirus crisis increased that complexity with cross border restrictions. How to find a survival way if your destination depends on international bookings? There are solutions that cover languages, yield management and marketing. They leverage focus, shared efforts, and state of the art technologies including AI and data.

Themes: Languages, Yield Management

Maria Rekrut will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Video Marketing, Using Branding on Social Media and Youtube to Drive Direct Bookings

Maria Rekrut
Maria Rekrut & Associaties

Secrets to Using Video Marketing, Branding on Social Media and Youtube to your advantage and beat out your competition while getting more direct bookings!! Find out which social media sites will work the best for you, when you should be posting to get the most eyes reading your ads. What is your next step in branding your short term rentals and what's the next step in harnessing the power of Youtube so it becomes your best form of advertisement.

Themes: Branding, Social Media, Video

Chris Maughan will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Converting Enquiries into Rentals through Consumer Trust

Chris Maughan

It’s clear there is a huge demand for short term rentals. Although enquiries are important you need to convert them into rentals. I will showcase how you can build consumer trust across your website and brand, and convert enquiries into rentals by providing your potential guest with trust and confidence. Building the bridge of trust between you and your guest is vital.... I will show you how to do this effectively.

Themes: Booking Conversion, Consumer Trust

Natacha Parmantier will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

How to get more website traffic and direct bookings from Facebook doing this strategy in only 10 minutes a day

Natacha Parmantier, Natacha Parmantier Ltd

Natacha will share with us her 3-2-1 daily strategy on Facebook to get more website traffic and direct bookings in only 10 minutes a day. She will also share a few success stories of her clients using her Facebook strategies. Natacha will also tell you why she believes that social media is a must for property owners and managers.

Theme: Facebook

Durk Johnson will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Cleaning practices in a COVID-2019 world that can help generate more repeat bookings

Durk Johnson
Housekeeping Solutions Team

Theme: Cleaning & Hygiene 

Noelia Novella will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

How to set your direct bookings goals using Google OKRs framework

Noelia Novella

OKR is a management methodology that was created by the ex-CEO of Intel, Andrew Grove, and it aims to simplify the way to view the so-called “Objectives and Key Results,” that is to say, the key goals of a company.

Through this presentation, Property managers will learn how this methodology lines up the whole team, brings full visibility and predictability, helps in terms of gaining autonomy and decision making power, avoiding conflicts of priorities and, mainly, convert them in a goal-oriented and healthy growing company.

Themes: Cleaning, OKR, Team Management

Adam Clarke will be speaking at the Book DIrect Show

Direct is Best. And Technology is Essential.

Adam Clarke

SEO, distribution mix, social media and other marketing can all help get more potential bookers to your website. That's half the battle. During my presentation I'll show you how to turn lookers into bookers. How technology can help improve conversions and reduce booking abandonment. I'll also cover how technology can improve performance through automation and integrations. The importance of contactless stays in a post COVID 19 world. And why a good Channel Manager is a key part of your direct booking strategy. Ultimately I'll demonstrate how technology should be helping you make more money!

Themes: Booking Conversion, Technology

Marco Gouveia will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

How to improve online results using Google Analytics

Marco Gouveia
Marco Gouveia Digital Marketing Training & Consulting

This presentation will be about Google Analytics for a Start up level. I will explain the fundamentals about Google Analytics, the main advantages and how to monitor everything that happens in a website. Monitoring our website is the key to improve our results.

Theme: Google Analytics

Alexander Caravitis will be speaking at the Book Diretc Show

How to build your own direct booking website for less than $100 - no coding required

Alexander Caravitis

Now, more than ever, it is essential for every vacation rental owner or manager to have their own website and attract direct bookings. The advantages are obvious: You avoid platform fees, build a direct relationship with your customers, increase repeat visits, enforce your own cancellation policy, screen your guests, but most importantly - you control the narrative - you control the experience of your guest from start to finish!

In this 30 min presentation we will show you how to build your own website without needing to write one line of code. Through detailed step by step instructions, we will show you how to get your own domain name, build your own managed WordPress site, install the booking engine, connect to a payment processor to accept credit cards, and build unique content that will drive visitors directly to your website.

Theme: Building Websites

Joanne Greene will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Helping you to engage with your clients and drive direct business via your online reviews

Joanne Greene

The benefits of responding to your online reviews and how this can lead to increased revenue and an increase in direct bookings

Theme: Reputation Management

Andrew Jones will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Using technology to drive more direct bookings for your short stay agency

Andrew Jones
iPro Software

I will cover the pitfalls to watch out for and how to maximise your PMS and free / low cost software ensuring you know what tech you need today and what you need tomorrow

Theme: Technology

Jason Beaton will e speaking at the Book Direct Show

Use Facebook Ads to Pinpoint your Guests - How STR Owners can generate perpetual Traffic

Jason Beaton
Vacation Rental Formula

How can you beat the juggernauts when they have unlimited budgets? We hear this question all the time. The answer is by meeting the guest where they are. Whether a guest is just finding out about your rental, started a booking but didn't complete it, or has enjoyed your hospitality in the past, use Facebook Ads to help guests overcome objections and book directly with you.

We will discover the specific Facebook Ad targeting strategies that will allow you to outmaneuver the "Big Guys" to serve your ads to exactly the right people with the correct Call To Action, so you win the booking, not them. You will be able to build your system to rely less and less on OTA bookings, thus future-proofing your business.

Theme: Facebook Ads

Louise Brace will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Brand Storytelling - Using the power of story to drive bookings

Louise Brace
Rental Tonic

Themes: Branding, Content Marketing

Vince Breslin will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help drive more direct bookings

Vince Breslin

How to assess your websites current performance
How to choose the right keywords
Optimise your website content
Get your pages indexed

Theme: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gianpaolo Vairo will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Local aggregation, a simple way to generate more and more valuable direct bookings

Gianpaolo Vairo
Vacation Rental Rocket

Theme: Aggregation

Lucy Driver will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Using industry data and benchmarking to optimise your operation & drive direct bookings

Lucy Driver
Transparent Intelligence

Theme: Industry Data

Craig Webb will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Increase your online presence, through Google, link building and directories

Craig Webb
Webb Marketing

Google is an ever-changing landscape. Learn the latest tips to keep your business visible on page one, through GMB, off-page SEO and link building with directories. Directories now have a new place in Google, so we need to be visible there too. Use these tools to get you in front of the OTA's.

Themes: Google, SEO 

Yvonne Halling will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Your Direct Bookings Mindset – 4 key elements to help you build a “direct bookings business”

Yvonne Halling
Bed and Breakfast Coach

Theme: Collaboration

Michael Goldin of NoiseAware will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

How to protect your direct bookings before, during, and after a guest's stay

Michael Goldin & Leo Walton

Don't let one bad guest ruin all of your hard work. NoiseAware and SuperHog will walk property managers through the steps where bookings can go wrong and the best ways to combat false identities, parties and noise, neighbor complaints and property damage. Funny, scary and cringeworthy stories will certainly be shared.

Theme: Reputation Management

Tyann Marcink will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Why Photography Sets the Tone for the Guest Experience You Deliver

Tyann Marcink
VR Mastered

Themes: Guest Experience, Photography

How Pricing Decisions Impact #Bookdirect and Brand Value

Vince Perez
Fetch My Guest

Now more than ever, independent vacation rental professionals need to rethink, re envision, and look inward to better understand how their brands will perform on “reset”. Travelers are coming back and expectations are higher than ever. See how seasoned vacation rental professionals are leading with #Bookdirect strategies that build long term value by committing to making OTA incremental rather than detrimental to their business.

Themes: Branding, Revenue Management

Robert Nunez will bespeaking at the Book Direct Show

How one can survive and thrive after having your listings canceled by the OTA

Robertin Nunez
Co Host Expert Company

Theme: OTA Listing Removal


Charlotte Gossage will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Help your hotel become a City Cheerleader

Charlotte Gossage
We All Need A Holiday Limited

Theme: Local Expertise

Luca De Giglio

Direct Bookings and the decentralized web

Luca De Giglio
Trips Community

Themes: Blockchain, Reputation Management

Nancy McAleer will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

The Guest Email Nurture Campaign

Nancy McAleer
Florida Rental By Owners

In her second presentation, Nancy will share her guest nurture campaign that is geared towards direct bookings. This is easy and valuable resource for owners and property managers to incorporate into their workflow.

Theme: Email Marketing

David Tucker will bespeaking at the Book Direct Show

Hotel Meta Search and Google Hotel Ads

David Tucker
Travelers Book Direct

In this session David Tucker from Travelers Book Direct explores strategies for Meta Search, Google Hotels Ads, and Google Book Direct. This set of powerful strategies provides your property with the ability to compete directly with the OTA's on their turf, and convert guests into your direct booking channel at a fraction of the cost. In this session you will learn how to get your channel set up, integration into your booking platform, bidding strategies, cancellation considerations and pricing outlines. Primarily for hotels, inns, resorts and B&B's; however short term vacation rental opportunities will also be discussed and you will get the most up-to-date information available.

Themes: Google Hotel Ads, Meta Search

Paola Gheis will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Unique Selling Proposition: How to make it unique & exquisite

Paola Gheis
Paola Gheis Vacation Rental Consulting

How do we tell a compelling story and position our vacation rental as a highly desirable place? How do we make sure that what we offer is genuinely unique? How do we build a unique value proposition that sustains a high occupancy with high rates as opposed to offering promotions and discounts to get those bookings? In this presentation I will share the working techniques we have on hand as owners and managers in order to identify and exploit all the leverages. This will allow us to enhance our positioning in the market and offer a compelling unique value proposition.

Theme: Identifying Unique Selling Points

Bart Sobies will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

101 Consultants will tell you how to get more direct bookings, how do you decide on what you should focus on?

Bart Sobies,

The theme is around Return on Investment. Both in terms of time and money. We will first focus on what is realistic on both fronts for your particular business. Then depending on how much time/money you have we will help you understand what marketing angles you should be focusing on.

Things that will be covered, blogs, seo, website design & development (DIY or get a company in), Social media (which platforms to focus on) and more!

Themes: Booking Conversion, ROI, SEO, Social Media, Website Design

Neely Khan will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Let Your Purpose Drive Your Content: The Essential Marketing Mindset for More Direct Bookings

Neely Khan, Neely There

Did you know, an incredible 77% of consumers say they have stronger emotional bonds to purpose-driven companies?

Yet, a number of hospitality businesses fall into the trap of spending oodles of money on flamboyant websites and flashy PR. Marketing costs money, yes; but it’s vital that you figure out your “core message” first, as this will drive all your content.

Essentially, content marketing is having those much-needed conversations with your target audience. Which in the world of STR, is extraordinarily important! Once you’ve truly aligned with your purpose, values, and key benefits (not features), this will naturally transpire into your content marketing activity, and hands-down, win you loyal guests – who will always come back for more.

This is your greatest advantage over OTAs.

So, grab your notebooks and learn how to unashamedly love your STR business, as well as everything it stands for. Your content will sing and dance as a result of it, I promise!

Theme: Content Marketing

Will Slickers will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

A New Perspective of Destination Creation

Wil Slickers
Slick Talk Creative

I will present my belief on the luxury market of vacation rentals and the importance of creating a destination in an already destination market and non-destination markets and how the importance of branding & transparency play into more direct bookings.

Themes: Destination Management, Luxury Market

Tara Scott will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Being you!

Tara Scott
Click Book Stay

We're in a people business and it's fair to say people buy from people! But what works for one person, won't necessarily work for another. Some people are flamboyant and lively, others are calm and considered. Be yourself and you will attract the customers that fit with your personality whether that be property owners and/or guests.

Theme: Identifying Unique Selling Points

Theo Bailey will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Why contractors are the Holy Grail when it comes to direct bookings

Theo Bailey
Per Person Per Night

Why focusing on contractors and the lifetime value of these client is so effective for #directbookings

How to bypass OTA’s and use social media to attract contractor bookings.

How to create a mini #bookdirect movement for contractor bookings by building a Facebook community of hosts that ‘pass the booking’ on to other hosts.

How you can get involved in the contractor market yourself and begin to get direct bookings.

Themes: Contractors, Facebook, Referrals

Dan Vant will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

How to maximise your gift voucher revenue

Daniel Vant

The presentation will cover why gift vouchers are often an untapped revenue source, how the seasons, months and key calendar dates can be used to increase sales. Find out key metrics on what people really buy, and what price points are the most popular so you can use this insider knowledge to create your own unique offering.

Theme: Gift Vouchers

Deborah Labi will be speaking at the Book Direct ShowPanel Group Discussions

Deborah Labi
Book Direct Show

1. A collection of managers (managing a varying numbers of properties) with a high % of direct bookings, will have their processes dissected, step by step, from tactics they use on their website, to the initial inquiry, their booking process, the guests' stay, their departure and beyond. What are these managers doing right, and could you adapt some of these into your system?

2. Directors and Presidents of various short-term rental and holiday home associations come together to discuss their associations, their member benefits, and we'll discuss what these associations could do to help members with direct bookings.

Steve Kopady will be speaking at the Book DIrect Show

Your Brand is Your Land

Steve Kopandy
Book Direct Show

Theme: Branding

More sessions to be announced very soon...