2023 Show Schedule

The Book Direct Show • Barcelona • 16 May 2023

The Schedule



Coffee & Pastries Served


Welcome Address

Evan Dolgow will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Evan Dolgow


Optimal Website Design

Evan Dolgow

VRMs are not just in the hospitality industry - they're also in eCommerce. The OTAs spend billions of dollars acquiring your guests on their websites. To compete, VRMs must understand the OTA's digital tactics. Evan will identify the best eCommerce practices so VRMs can passively cultivate rich guest intent data that drives repeat direct bookings. If you're building a roadmap for your long term digital direct booking strategy - this seminar is for you.

Kelly Odor will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Kelly Odor


Let your (Brand) personality shine

Kelly Odor

Why do so many people choose Coca Cola over non-branded Cola?
Why did Levis outsell Wrangler?
Why is Primark so popular?

These big brands have worked hard to create a brand personality to influence buyers to buy their brands.
Cool. Friendly. Original. Young. Trendy.

But Brand Personalities are not only for big brands.

In this session we’ll look at what a Brand Personality is, and how you can use it to influence more guests to book directly with you.

Louis Andrews will be speaking at The Book Direct Show
Louis Andrews


How OVO Network generated 2500 direct bookings in 2022 with 145 properties

Louis Andrews

In 2022 OVO Network (Annecy, France) had 3,300 bookings, 75% of which came direct. CEO Louis Andrews will focus on how they have achieved this whilst addressing certain points such as:
- Do people actually want direct bookings / Why people should care about direct bookings.
- The dangers of over-reliance on PMSs.
- The dangers of over reliance on Airbnb.
- How to increase direct bookings.
- The importance of knowing your offering and defining your niche.


Coffee Break

Neely Khan will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Neely Khan


Where is the Love?

Neely Khan

In a world that's becoming increasingly obsessed with AI platforms like ChatGPT, are we losing all soul and emotion in our content? Some may call it "fluffy", but human beings are biologically wired to make decisions based on feelings first, and logic later. If your guests fail to "feel anything" after reading your content - no matter how many statistics you've crammed into it - then you're giving them no reason to book with you, over an OTA. The fact is, no matter how much tech advances over the years, it will never have emotional intelligence, which is an indispensable ingredient for your STR brand's content and copy. In this session, we'll cover why it's important to work with AI tools for your writing, but not rely on them completely. Let's bring the love back into our words - your guests haven't morphed into robots just yet.


Daniela Derin will be speaking at the book direct show


How to drive direct and repeat bookings with WhatsApp

Daniela Derin

How to use WhatsApp to achieve 90% direct booking and 50% repeat by being in your ideal client's face every day.

- What is Whatsapp business?
- Why you should use it?
- How are you going to make it work for you?

Jan Kammerath will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Jan Kammerath


There’s your website, what now?

Jan Kammerath

The blueprint to getting guests onto your website and book.

  • Marketing mix, what to do and where. From No Cost to Low Cost
  • Search: being found is not enough (Google Ads, Google Places, Bing Ads)
  • Social: Get your properties out to the people (Facebook For Business & Instagram)
  • YouTube: Show them what you got (Pre-Rolls, Interstitials etc.)
  • Get the communication and website right (KPIs, Prices)
  • Measure, optimize and retarget: Analytics and campaign tracking on-site.


Lunch Break

Mark Simpson at the Book Direct Show
Mark Simpson


The one hire that everyone is missing in their hospitality business that will boost revenue and guest experience.

Mark Simpson

This talk will explore the one hire you're missing in your business that can help to boost revenue and guest satisfaction. The focus will be on identifying the right role and hiring the right person to fill it. The talk will cover the importance of understanding your business needs, the different roles that could be beneficial, and how to effectively recruit, select and train the right candidate. It will also address how to measure the impact of the new hire and the importance of ongoing support. Businesses can increase revenues and provide a better customer experience by making the right hire in the proper role.

Heather Bayer will be speaking at the Book Direct Show
Heather Bayer


Tightening the Niche - A Journey in Focused Marketing

Heather Bayer

In today's crowded market, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. But rather than trying to appeal to everyone, successful operators know the power of narrowing their focus and honing in on a unique niche. In this session, you'll hear stories from hosts and managers who have achieved great success by catering to a very specific audience, You'll learn how to identify your own niche and develop targeted marketing strategies to reach guests who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. From creating the right amenities to providing exceptional customer service, you'll get practical tips for building a loyal following and standing out from the crowd.



Panel Discussion & Open Mic

In this final session of the day we will invite our main headline and show sponsors on stage to share their unique tips to generate more direct bookings. We will also open up the discussion to everyone in the audience to share and learn.


Post-Show Drinks & Networking


Evening Boat Trip

This exclusive invite-only event is the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow show attendees whilst enjoying stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. With a top-notch DJ, delicious food and drink, and a lively atmosphere, this boat party is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip.