Book Direct Show Awards 2024

Barcelona • Thursday 16th May 2024

Recognising Outstanding Influencers and Game Changers

The 2024 Book Direct Show sees the introduction of the Book Direct Show Awards.

These awards have been created to officially recognise the individuals and companies who shine a light on direct booking strategy education and conversion.

Who Should Vote

We encourage anyone with a vested interest in the short-term industry to highlight worthy companies that stand out and help hosts generate more direct bookings.

Four Categories

We have four award categories.

1. Educator Award

This award is to highlight any individual or company in the short-term rental industry that provides outstanding educational content to help hosts and managers learn more about direct booking strategies.

2. Marketing Award

This award recognises companies of any size that share innovative marketing strategies to help hosts and property management companies generate more direct bookings.

3. Software Solution Award

This award identifies the leading tech companies providing software solutions which enable short-term rental managers generate more direct bookings.

4. Property Manager Award

This award highlights the owners, hosts  or larger property management companies that stand out for their unique and successful approach to driving increased direct bookings.

Nomination & Voting Process

Submissions to be made by the general public with the final votes to be made by Book Direct Show registered attendees with the awards to be presented onstage at the conference in May 2024.

  1. Entry submissions (15 August 2023 - 31 January 2024).
  2. Shortlist announcement. Three shortlisted nominees per category will be announced. (5 February 2024).
  3. Final voting begins. Book Direct Show registered ticket holders will vote for shortlisted nominees (5 February - 15 May 2024)
  4. Winners to be announced on stage at the Book Direct Show (16 May 2024)

1. One vote per person permitted. Duplicate submissions from the same IP address/email address will automatically be discounted.
2. Voters may nominate themselves.
3. Voters must not nominate the same person / company for more than 1 category.
4. The shortlist of nominees will be decided upon the largest number of unique individual submissions received per nominee.
5. Any member of the Book Direct Show organisation will not be eligible to be shortisted.

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Please do not nominate the same person or company for more than one category