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A selection of useful online webinars and conferences addressing the short-term rental industry and how we can improve our strategies for direct bookings.

How to Get More Direct Reservations for YOUR Short Term Rental

How to Get More Direct Reservations for YOUR Short Term Rental

Date/Time: Thursday, 16th April, 1500 (EST)

Host: Maria Rekrut

Participants: Maria Rekrut, Yvonne Halling and Damian Sheridan.

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"How to Get More Direct Reservations for YOUR Short Term Rental" with Yvonne Halling and Damian Sheridan on the 'All Things Real Estate Show with Maria Rekrut'.

Yvonne Halling is the founder of Bed and Breakfast and the creator of B&B Money Maker Business Transformation Program where clients typically increase their business by between 23% and 600% in one season, while working less, paying less commissions and having more fun.

Damian Sheridan is the Business Owner at SEO Connect and host of The Book Direct Show.

Growth marketing secrets that will help you come out stronger after COVID-19

book direct webinar

Date/Time: Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, 1500 (CET)

Host: Luggage Hero

Participants: Carlos Villaro Lassen from the European Holiday Home Association (EHHA) and Taylor Ryan from Klint Marketing.

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LuggageHero is hosting a free and exclusive webinar with Carlos Villaro Lassen from the European Holiday Home Association (EHHA) and Taylor Ryan from Klint Marketing.

Carlos will kick off the live webinar with the latest update from EHHA after that Taylor will guide you through different marketing tools, tactics, campaigns, and secrets on how to drive more direct bookings to your web site:

This webinar will cover:

  • How to go from the #9 to #2 in your industry while your competitors are holding their breath
  • You can’t fix the current situation. The travel industry is at a stand-still. But you can put yourself in a better position when things improve:
  • RIGHT NOW is the time to put time, money, and resources into company to win in the future.
  • How to capitalize on your business model, resources, and win via implementation of automation, content, and focusing on the “Delight” stage of your funnel.
  • Get yourself ready in preparation for a flood of travel and position yourself while your competitors are standing still.

If you are hosting a webinar or online conference which involves direct booking strategies let us know about it and we can add it here.

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