Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Chris Taylor

Director of Marketing
GuestView Guide

Chris Taylor runs marketing for the GIS Division of Sharp NEC Display Solutions, makers of GuestView Guide. The wall-mounted digital concierge helps delight your guests, reduce support calls, and help you earn more from every guest stay.
Before Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Chris ran marketing for a range of technology companies, from automated biotech labs to drones, ranging from small startups to public companies, and a small startup that went public. He loves seeing technology make people's lives better. And especially when that helps both vacation rental management companies and travelers!

The Book Direct Show

September 2021
Online Series

How to Become Part of Your Guests Delightful Memories

Studies have shown that less than 20% of travelers remember the company they stayed with 60 days after their departure.

How can they book direct in the future if they don't remember who you are?

Join me to walk through each phase of your guest's journey. Learn specific ways you can brand yourself and help them have not only a delightful experience, but wonderful memories. They're not always the same.

See how you can help create those memories that last until they're ready to book with you.

Key Takeaways for Attendees

1. Memories can be different than experiences - how to make them the same.
2. Understanding the guest's journey through their eyes.
3. What you can do during each phase of the journey to help create those memories, remember you, and book directly with you again.GuestView Guide