How to optimise your website homepage for more direct bookings

How can we create that perfect impression to persuade guests to book direct on your website?

The Book Direct Show speaks with Louise Brace of Rental Tonic, Mark Simpson of Boostly and Natacha Parmantier of Natasha Parmantier Ltd about how short-term rental managers can optimise their website homepages to encourage more guests to book direct.

Website Design

Using a specialist website builder, Wordpress or employing a developer?


Where to put your social media link buttons. Using icons. Avoiding big blocks of text. Adding FAQs.

Call To Action

What are they and how to implement them.

Book Now Button

Where you must place yours.

Mobile First

Knowing how your site adapts to mobile and tablet. Using bigger buttons for bigger fingers.

Trust & Social Proof

Building trust from the very beginning with partner logos and real-time review aggregation.


Treat your homepage like your properties with easy navigation. Your homepage needs to be content-rich, having the right balance to lead your visitors to explore and simply find what they need. Keep your perfect content ‘Above The Fold‘ – brand name, location, contact details, book now CTA and primary claim. Adding video to sell your unique experience.

Safety & Cancellation

Add succinct Covid-19/Coronavirus cleaning procedures and flexible cancellation policies.


Focusing on target markets and your ideal guest avatars. Use seasonal imagery to adapt and resonate with changing guest demographics. The importance of adding an ‘About us’ page.

Branding & Values

It’s not about a logo. It’s about the value that your company provides to your guest. Clients want to know why you do what you do. How can you make your values customer-centric?

Direct Booking Incentives

If you aren’t talking about the benefits, the guests won’t book. Incentives can be monetary or for convenience. Best rate guaranteed, discounts, popups, early check-in, late check-out, local discounts, easy support and more flexible cancellation policies.

How to get your short-term rental optimised for direct bookings with @louise_brace, @boostlyUK and Natacha Parmantier. #BookDirect

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