Michael De Jongh

Michael De Jongh will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Michael de Jongh


Michael is part of the exec team and board member of Avvio, who developed the worlds leading booking platform for hotels, Allora.ai, built on Artificial Intelligence. Enabling our hotel customers to drive profitable bookings direct to their website and balance other more costly online channels.

An entrepreneurial sales and marketing leader with extensive background in start-ups through to big corporate supporting 3 successful exits, Michael loves scaling companies to deliver customer success whilst empowering the smaller guys to think BIG and punch above.

The Book Direct Show

Monday 13th September 2021
Tobacco Dock, London

Anticipating and Realising Your Guests Needs Through Their On Line Journey

Your guest’s online journey is as complex and unique as they are. Whilst rival/competing booking channels, such as OTAs, already embrace the power of a more personalized guest experience, traditional hotel booking engines fail to deliver the engaging, personalized brand experience that both you and your guests demand.

‍allora.ai unlocks the power of data science and predictive personalization to ensure a curated brand experience at every stage of your guest journey. ‍

Hospitality has always been personal. allora.ai means your e-commerce strategy is personal too. Drive greater numbers of engaged direct guests that fall in love with your brand even before they arrive at your property.

Key Takeaways for Attendees

1. You too can deliver engaging, personalized brand experiences to every guest on line.
2. Let AI unlock the power of personalization on your behalf.
3. How to make every guest feel special long before they arrive at your hotel.


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