Neely Khan

Neely Khan is speaking at the Book Direct Show 2021

Neely Khan

Hospitality Writer
Neely There

After a decade of working in hospitality, in front-of-house, training, and senior recruitment roles, Neely combined her love for the industry with her lifelong passion of writing.

What started in the front room of Neely’s one-bedroom apartment, (where Neely and her daughter would survive on Instant Noodles and the kindness of others) is now an ode to the art of storytelling; and how it continues to build trust and loyalty in the hospitality industry.

Very much “a writer” before anything else, Neely has a delightfully unique approach to all her work. When she is not working on epic long-form articles - of thousands and thousands of words, you will find her writing short fables, poetry, and breathing life into make-believe characters for her clients’ brands. No day nor project is ever the same; and even Neely struggles to sum-up her creative portfolio of work!

While Neely frequently takes on projects such as website copywriting and email sequences, much of her time is devoted to meatier, long-term projects. In 2021, she has been working on books (to be published) for clients in the hospitality and short-term rental space; and continues to create organic and research-heavy content for big brands such as Boostly, I-PRAC, Zeevou, Syncbnb and Hostfully.

The Book Direct Show

Monday 13th September 2021
Tobacco Dock, London

START WITH STORIES: And the End will Always be, More Direct Bookings

OTAs certainly don’t make life easy for us. But take a look from a storyteller’s spectacles, and you’ll find that YOU as a short-term rental operator, have all the tools (and freedom) you need to build trust, loyalty, and credibility between your brand and your lovely guests.

Your secret, stand-out power? Stories, of course.

In this presentation, we’ll joyfully break down the impact of storytelling - how they stir emotions; and then how those very emotions initiate ACTION (ie, get people to book directly with your STR property).

You’ll learn simple ways to use storytelling in your STR business, from a professional who writes hospitality stories for a living - and has the client results’ to prove its success.

No need to be the next Shakespeare, or even an avid writer at that! All you’ll need is a strong ethos for your STR business and an open mind - as we discuss storytelling in a way that’s never been discussed in our industry before.