Richie Khandelwal

Richie Khandelwal of Pricelabs will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Richie Khandelwal


Richie is a co-founder at PriceLabs, a cloud-based revenue management platform for Airbnb and vacation rental owners and property managers. PriceLabs has customers in over 95 countries and has priced over 100K listings. At PriceLabs, Richie looks after GTM and Operations.

Journey before PriceLabs

VP of Business Operations and Finance at MindTickle (now a Unicorn as of 2021) - raised $80 Million in funding, led employee growth from 40 to 400, worked closely with CEO and Investors to chart growth plans.

Management consultant with Bain & Company (Boston, Houston & Toronto office) - he worked on various strategy projects including full potential strategy, due diligence, and performance improvement.

Engineer with Shell - Before diving into the tech world, Richie worked in the Physical world working on Megaprojects (billions of dollars) and Megastructures.

Richie has an engineering degree from IIT Madras and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management

The Book Direct Show

September 2021
Online Series

Revenue management strategies to make Book Direct a successful channel

We all understand that revenue management is critical for the long-term success of a vacation rental business. It's a common understanding that direct bookings are more cost-effective than bookings from other channels. However, without proper revenue management strategies, the profit could be a myth.

This presentation will explore some practical strategies that you can apply to drive highly profitable Direct Bookings.