Wendy Jae & David Tucker

Wendy Jae and David Tucker will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Wendy Jae and David Tucker

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David is the founder of Travelers Book Direct - the World’s Premier hospitality marketing roadmap. Having grown up in Sun Valley, hospitality is in his heart and DNA. Today, his mission as a hospitality educator with TBDx is to inspire destination marketers and teams to shift their mindset to direct growth and reduce their reliance on OTAs. He teaches the granular elements of mastering direct booking strategies to ensure destinations are consistently crushing the competition. Right now he is exactly where he wants to be: right in the heart of the direct bookings revolution! He can’t wait to inspire you to become a self-empowered destination leader.

Wendy is the co-founder of Travelers Book Direct - the World’s Premier hospitality marketing roadmap. She is a hospitality relationship expert, specializing in inspiring destinations to create direct and meaningful relationships with their guests. With TBDx, she teaches destination marketers and teams how to consistently convert nurtured relationships into direct bookings. She has a passion for unique stories and helping destinations to leverage the power of personal storytelling to create and drive direct growth. She can’t wait to inspire you to become a destination marketing ninja by mastering your most important hospitality relationships.

The Book Direct Show

September 2021
Online Series

Skyrocket your direct bookings with video marketing

In this presentation, we show you the ins and outs of how to get started with video marketing for your hotel or destination and WHY video is the rocket fuel that will drive up your direct bookings, guaranteed.

We take a look at key strategies to use in your destination video marketing from covering the basics all the way to using the power of virtual reality technology. You’ll learn the different types of video content to use in your hotel or resort marketing and how to distribute them all effectively.

Most importantly you’ll learn why personalization with video is the golden ticket to building lasting, meaningful relationships that will skyrocket your direct bookings.

Key Takeaways for Attendees

1. How to Get Started in Video Marketing
2. Skyrocket Direct Bookings
3. Video Marketing Equipment

Free Giveaway

Attendees can download our FREE starter guide brimming with the gear and ideas to get you there. We've even included BONUS training to help you grow your YouTube channel.

This guide gives you the MISSING puzzle piece that will take your destination marketing strategy from plain sailing to simply soaring!

All the gear and tools you could ever need for creating epic destination videos, getting personal with your video strategy, and driving direct bookings. Insider insights and secret tips to kickstart you on your way to crushing it with video!