Deborah Labi & Daniela Derin

Deborah Labi will be speaking at the Book Direct Show

Deborah Labi

Too Many to Mention

Daniela Derin will be speaking at The Book Direct Show

Daniela Derin

Marbella Holidays

Deborah is a creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for travel, food, people and hospitality! Constantly sprouting ideas she has her fingers in many pies. Integrity, unity and collaboration are the driving forces behind her businesses.

Daniela is a partner of Marbella Holidays in Spain. She has been making people happy since 1998 by finding them the perfect home, tailor their special holiday or organising their big day.

The Book Direct Show

September 2021
Online Series

The Quest for Nomads

If you think Digital Nomads are 20-35 year old dropshippers, then think again. In this session you'll learn about the three types of nomads, where they look, what they want and what you can do to attract them, again and again!

Key Takeaways for Attendees

1. The three types of nomads. Who are they?
2. Where to find them and where you need to be.
3. What to do, share and offer to be more attractive to them.